Motivados por una educación que trasciende, los profesores son los guías y reflejo de nuestra propuesta educativa.




Just a stone’s throw away from the great Pacific Ocean, you will find the Humboldt School, surrounded by trees, rolling hills and fresh air.  We take pride in the fact that our students learn in this magnificent and awe-inspiring environment. It cannot help but set the tone for increased awareness about sustainable issues, for exploring possible green solutions and laying the foundations for active participation and inclusion in the regeneration of its beauty. It is through harmony with nature that we promote harmony with ourselves and others.

Childhood is a precious and fleeting time and we want to do everything in our power to provide our students with unique, meaningful and effective teaching and learning experiences. Experiences that bring joy, that fascinate and push them to wonder and question. Our staff are constantly innovating and searching for new ways to delight and inspire our students. We want to teach them to look at and drink in our magnificent world in different ways and from varied angles, always choosing to ask questions and not settling for the first answer, but understanding that there are a myriad of solutions and we have the power and great responsibility to choose the sustainable option. 

At Humboldt, our rich academic culture is built on the implementation of the Oxford International Curriculum. High quality teaching and learning is ensured, not only by careful assessment of pupils’ academic progress, but through consideration of their attitudes towards learning, feelings of purpose and self-worth. Our multi-faceted approach to education embraces the steady development of modern skills needed in order to thrive with joy, confidence and creativity in this ever-changing world. 

An inclusive and active community is of great importance at Humboldt.  Our school is the very core and heart of our community and we want to be a dynamic center bursting with positivity and growth. A hub of action where values are formed, dreams are created, friendships are forged, deep learning takes place, mutual respect is developed, joy is experienced, imaginations are set alight, powerful projects are realized, peace is promoted, solutions are created, empathy is cultivated, and lifelong memories are made.  

Our parents, staff, students and many other members of the community all have an essential role to play in our school and in the education of our students. Through carefully planned activities, goal-setting, intentional action, effective conversations, active listening and reflection, we collaborate to give meaning to and

provide the best possible way of sharing our strong values and educational philosophy. A philosophy that places kindness, generosity and care at the core of what we are doing. Caring not only for the environment, but for each other and the wider community that we serve. 

Educated in Belgium, Finland and New Zealand, and with a teaching background in a Chilean independent school, I am a lifelong learner and passionate educator that feels both honoured and humbled to be part of the vibrant team that is bringing this inspiring and much-needed project to life. Experience both in the classroom and on the sports field has taught me that a child who is happy, confident and has a strong sense of belonging will learn and thrive. With this in mind, as a teacher and leader, my students’ safety, physical and emotional well-being and happiness will always be at the forefront of my decision making. 

I am also very aware that our teachers’ well-being, needs and professional development will be an absolutely pivotal part of our success and I intend to ensure that our staff are fully supported, appreciated, listened to and receive the best of the best. This is a brand new venture and we are all in it together, we have a long way to go and mistakes will be made, but as we constantly teach our children,  it is only through these mistakes that we will learn and grow.  Our parents are also an essential part of our project and I would like to take this moment to let them know that I am there for them too. My door is always open, so if you have any ideas, thoughts or questions about how we can make Humboldt an even better experience and place for your children then please come and see me. 

My enthusiasm, dedication to and love for Humboldt and the beautiful future I see ahead knows no bounds. I am confident that, together as a community, we are headed in the right direction. As a team, we will strive to give our students the skills and knowledge they need to grow into confident and capable leaders and citizens of the world. Individuals who know how to innovate and work as a team and are motivated by a common connection to and love of nature. Highly skilled, caring and educated young people whose actions and attitudes are guided by an unwavering, green and highly moral compass and who are backed up by a loving, dynamic, and active community. 

Recognising that positive, meaningful, change starts with education, at Humboldt we are on track to raise new generations that will be well equipped to tackle the challenging issues facing our world today. As Mother Teresa so famously said: “Together we can do great things!’

Equipo Fundador









Psicóloga clínica PUC y Doctora en Psicología de la Educación, Universidad de Barcelona.


Psicóloga Educacional y Diplomado en Administración de Negocios de la escuela de Ingeniería PUC.


Educación Parvularia PUC. Fundadora Jardín Infantil Ombu y proyecto Juntos Afuera.



CEO Vans y Co-Fundador Uppercap.



Founder y CEO Predictable Media Marketing Analytics UC Berkeley 500 Startups, San Francisco, CA.



Primer Premio Bienal de Arquitectura 1998 de Chile. Miembro de Honor del American Institute of Architects.


Director Ejecutivo Fundación Puerto Varas

Ex Rector Colegio Puerto Varas (16 años) Abogado.

Amplia experiencia en proyectos educativos. Miembro del Directorio de Colegios Padre Hurtado y Juanita de los Andes.